About Us

Steve and Kim Cecil are Foursquare missionaries to the nation of Russia, the largest country in the world. Currently less than 2% of the population has a relationship with Jesus as we know it. Their greatest desire is to see Russia flooded with the saving knowledge of Christ and a personal revelation of His love and grace.

How did we end up in Russia?

On October 21, 2011, Europe Area Missionary Jeff Roper sent Steve and Kim Cecil an email with the question: “Would you consider becoming missionaries to Russia to help develop the national work?”

Although the request seemed daunting, through many months of prayer and confirmation it became obvious that it was the call of God for the Cecil family.

Incredibly, the call was 18 years in the making. In 1994, after taking classes focused on the ex-Soviet Union, Kim sensed from God a lifelong call to the Russian people. She graduated with a degree in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin in 1996, with a specialization in Russian and Slavic culture. She taught English in the Russian-speaking city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 1997-98. After marrying Steve in 1998, they continued to sense God’s call to this part of the world and traveled there on and off for the next 14 years.

Most recently, since 2009 Kim has served as the District Missions Representative (DMR) for the Heartland District of Foursquare Churches, where she developed a heart, passion, and education of FMI that has been a wonderful preparation for the call to the field.

Steve similarly received a call to missions early in his ministry life. Steve has traveled to Uzbekistan, Russia, and Ukraine with Kim, and many other countries as well. Most recently, he has worked closely with leaders in the nation of Haiti to develop and fund an orphanage. His experience of pastoral leadership, church planting, coaching, collaboration, and district leadership will help accomplish the assignment the Cecil’s have been asked to fulfill.

The Cecil’s moved to Russia in August of 2013.

What is our assignment?

The Cecil’s ministry assignment is to assist the Russian National Leader, Alexander Pashchenko, with the development of the Foursquare movement in Russia. Currently there are eight Foursquare churches in the cities of Sochi, Krasnodar, Belorechensk, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, and Korkino. Foursquare Russia is urgently praying and planning for more churches to be planted in the next five years.

They will assist Foursquare Russia by traveling to churches throughout the country mentoring and offering practical training in church multiplication and missions.

What are our current goals?

1. Build a Strong Foundation: Creating a solid organizational structure, Translating resources, Cultivating unity.
2. Develop Leaders: Focusing on local ministry discipleship, raising up young leaders through internship intensives & ministry institutes, and coaching and training pastors and soon-to-be pastors.
3. Plant Powerful Churches: Initiating a church planting movement, developing strategy with Regional Leaders to establish church plants in key cities, and actually assisting in a church plant led by our National Leader, Alexander Pashchenko, in Saint Petersburg in the summer of 2015. We are believing this will be an apostolic church that plants churches throughout the country.